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Recently, the Admiral hit “Reply All:” in response to Karlan’s whine.  Makes one wonder if the Admiral actually meant to show the world the puling wuss that Karlan really is.

On 5/2/09, dankarlan@earthlink.net <dankarlan@earthlink.net> wrote:

Friends —
Given my insistence on following rules, the report from the Judicial Committee, and the apparent low regard within the LP for actually following rules — and especially given the high regard within the LP for certain people who openly exhibit their willingness to ignore our rules — I invite each of you to convince me that I have a role to play within the LP. Clearly, even trying to improve those rules, a burden I have enthusiastically shouldered, will be futile.
I note that the Judicial Committee’s decision is not just evidence of a thorough willingness to ignore rules when they are uncomfortable. It has also inspired those so willing to consider themselves vindicated and those who choose to follow the rules are fair game. Even being right and in the majority is not sufficient defense.
Dan Karlan
And the Admiral replied –
Dan –
Hang in there!! Your sage and experienced counsel is essential and much appreciated. I have often wondered how you were able to so thoughtfully combine your knowledge of the rules with a practical effort to help us understand what those rules meant to us.
Yes, there are colleagues who may or may not know the rules, but decide in any case to take a path based on who knows what sort of logical distortion.  That probably won’t change – and the By-Laws update you are working on for 2010 will most likely not be 100 per cent agreeable to all – but I am confident that you and your team can produce a package which is sensible, professional, useful and reflects the appropriate rules.
Thank you for yor service in making liberty a watchword.
All the best,
Michael C Colley
To recap – Dan Karlan rigidly follows the rules.  Too rigidly.
And he thinks he’s tight.  Err, right.  I meant right.  But you knew that.
And believes in the tyranny of the majority.

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