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Much of the current Libertarian National Committee is corrupt and ruining our party.

We. Want. It. Back.

First, they came after Angela Keaton.

Now it’s Lee Wrights.

Applicants Sought For LNC Vacancy

Understanding the History Behind the Current Leadership of the Libertarian Party

Removal of Lee Wrights from Libertarian National Committee appealed to Judicial Committee

Starr claims Wrights wasn’t eligible when we elected him at Denver.

Wrights’ ex-wife refutes claims that he was mailed notices.

Why?  Redpath = Psychopath. He’ll tear this party down because he’s little 2nd grade feelings are hurt.  Yet, he’s a bully and an @$$#0!3 himself.

Wrights talks at LPTN convention.

Look at some other interesting points-

  • Redpath is also bylaws
  • Karlan is chair of bylaws
  • Starr is also bylaws
  • Carling (intimately intertwined with Starr) is bylaws, platform, LNC parliamentarian.

This small group of power-hungry goons are running everything in this party.  They elect the bylaws and platform committee members.  They believe they can overturn your election of At-Large Representatives (witness Wrights and Keaton), and they are currently trying to push through a bylaws proposal that would get rid of regional reps.

You see, they can’t get rid of the regional reps.  Only the state chairs of the region can do that.

But if they’re all elected at-large, then the Kings of the Libertarian Party can send anyone to the dungeon.

They can spend your donations on Republican candidates, or on conservative conferences without any oversight.

Wrights and Keaton were their biggest critics.  Ruwart and Hawkridge are next.  And since this has started with Wrights, Porter and Ryan have gotten to be vocal critics.


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